America’s Top 30 Burritos to Try in 2020


Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place for the definitive, inarguable list of the best burritos in the country. I’ve lived in New York, Southern and Northern California and have tried the best burritos this country has to offer. Is there anything more perfect than a burrito? A well-wrapped bundle of joy that will give you a sense of pure elation as you take a bite.

There are a number of things I look for in a burrito:

  •     The reproducibility/consistency. Have you ever had the most delicious burrito of your life and taken your friend back to try it aaaand…well, it wasn’t quite as good. You swear to your friend that it was better last time. If a restaurant is not consistent with the burritos it serves, it can be a bummer and drop some spots on our list.
  •     The flour tortilla that surrounds this beautiful creation.
  •     Of course, the meat (the heart), how it is seasoned, how savory it is
  •     Accompaniments really put a burrito over the top and takes a good burrito to a great, unforgettable experience.
  •     Salsa added to the burrito (separate from the accompaniments inside a burrito)


  1. La Pasadita (Chicago, IL)

Having lived in California most of my life as well as in New York, it is my pleasure to kick this list off with a famed, historic Chicago taqueria that has been serving juicy, tender, smoky, perfectly seasoned carne asada for over 40 years. Every ingredient of their carne asada super burrito (onions, cilantro, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream, rice, beans and guacamole) is solid, not amazing, but solid; they all come together to make what is quite the well-rounded burrito. We recommend taking the tomato out. Their barbacoa is also not to be missed. Consistency has been an issue with La Pasadita, but when you get a good one, you’ll be glad you stopped by. Those that say there’s no good Mexican food in Chicago have not been to La Pasadita.

La Pasadita

Carne Asada Super Burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Ashley C.

  1. Chile Pepper (Yuma, AZ)

We continue this list with a burrito from Yuma, AZ. Yuma is a small city located on the 8 freeway in between San Diego and Phoenix. Little Pepper boasts the best tortilla I’ve ever had, you really can taste the freshness as the tortilla was made literally 5 minutes before your burrito is put together. The burrito to try is the bean, rice and cheese (minus rice and plus machaca or adobo chicken depending on how carnivorous you are). The simplicity of this small burrito highlights how enjoyable and easy it is to devour 4 or 5 of them! The cheese tortilla (yes, their tortillas are that good that a quesadilla is called a “cheese tortilla) is also worth a try; again plus or minus meat. If you’re making the drive from SD to Phoenix, do yourself a favor and stop at Little Pepper…be sure to buy some tortillas to go!


Bean and cheese on their unbelievable tortillas

  1. El Tepeyac Cafe (East Los Angeles, CA)

El Tepeyac Café boasts some of the most authentic inland Mexican food in Los Angeles. Manuel Rojas, who passed away in 2013, and who was one of the original founders of El Tepeyac can rest in peace knowing that the next generation of his family is still serving up the same high-quality Mexican food. The Original Hollenbeck de carne asada (seared pork simmered in the traditional red tomato based chile verde recipe with rice) along with the Manuel’s special (the supersized version of the Hollenbeck) are the people’s favorite but don’t skip on the Hollenbeck de Carne Asada. The simmered pork in the Original Hollenbeck is some of the most deliciously flavored meats in any burrito, but it’s the lack of accompaniments and average quality of the tortilla that prevent this burrito from being higher on our list. Nonetheless, this is definitely worth a try when in Boyle Heights.


Original Hollenbeck. Photo credit: Yelp user Joshua M.

  1. JVs Mexican Food (San Diego, CA)

Surf aaaaaand turf, has there ever been a better pair of rhyming words? I think not. The monstrous surf and turf burrito with guac has one of the best surf and turf flavor profiles I’ve ever had…and they do not skimp out on the shrimp or steak. The familial vibe at JV’s along with the value you get with these huge and savory burritos make it a no-brainer to include on our list. Also try the steak or shrimp quesadilla or, honestly, anything at JV’s. While you will certainly be satisfied/full after going to JV’s, this is only the first of many burrito spots in sunny San Diego.


Surf and Turf. Photo credit: Yelp user Steve F.

  1. Taqueria y Fonda (New York, NY)

I stumbled on Taqueria y Fonda by accident with friend in NYC. This reliably delicious taqueria serves up absolutely massive burritos with a flavor profile that is on par with the best of them. The tortilla or accompaniments aren’t anything to write home about, but the flavor of the carnitas and chorizo in their respective burritos make it worthy of a spot on our list. They even have a vegetarian burrito! Try not to fill up on their fresh tortilla chips and delicious salsa, you’ll need all the room you can get to finish this burrito (unless you get their baby burrito), which can get a bit too messy as the tortilla will not hold it all in.

Taqueria y Fonda

Carne Asada Burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Hope T.

  1. Juanitas (Encinitas, CA)

This is one of the best burritos in the Northern County of San Diego (North of La Jolla). The only reason it isn’t higher on our list is the inconsistency of this institution. I’ve had a California burrito (burrito with fries) at Juanitas that has made me believe it’s worthy of the top 10, but I’ve also had a burrito that wouldn’t even make my top 100. Either way, the California burrito is the burrito to get here. The combination of the delicious flour tortilla, savory carne asada and crispy fries encompasses what a great California burrito is all about. Don’t skip on the green salsa either and do yourself a favor and add guac.


California burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Esme M.

  1. El Zarape (University Heights, San Diego, CA) 

El Zarape sits in the heart of San Diego’s up-and-coming trendy University Heights area. Perhaps the best thing about El Zarape is the variety of amazing flavors. You can get the shrimp, lobster, carnitas, carne asada, chicken mole or even a calamari burrito and still be more than content. However, the real winner here is the scallop burrito – unique, perfectly cooked, and perfectly sauced-up; you can’t go wrong ordering this or the California burrito. They also serve quite a variety of vegetarian burritos. This variety will make you want to come back time after time. Also try their carne asada fries, nachos supreme, quesadillas, shrimp tacos layered with Oaxacan cheese or their famous 99-cent fish tacos.


Scallop burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Roger M.

  1. Little Donkey (Homewood, AL)

Nestled in the Homewood suburb of Birmingham, AL lies one of the top burritos in the country. Their Adobada burrito embodies this hip restaurants slogan “Mexican food with a southern soul.” Their smoky pork shoulder is stewed in spicy Guajillo chile and comes with crema, onions, cilantro, guacamole, rice and beans. The tortilla is grilled to perfection with just the right amount of charring. Come during happy hour, get a delicious margaritas or four and chow down on some of the best Mexican food in the South. Be sure to order two burritos, as they are relatively small and we have no doubt that you will want another.

Little Donkey

Adobada Burrito

  1. Taqueria los Anaya (Culver City, Los Angeles, CA)

With some of the most authentic coastal Mexican flavors in Los Angeles, Taqueria los Anaya is a popular favorite for those around West Adams. The Del Mar burrito with shrimp, Veracruz style (asking for only a tad bit of coleslaw and a smattering of chipotle sauce), is the star here, although the El Ciudadano with asada or barbacoa is another crowd-pleaser. The juiciness of the fresh shrimp in combination with the Veracruz style accompaniments make this burrito one of the most uniquely delicious burritos on our list. Also try their vast array of vegetarian options or the quesadillas, which are lathered with melted Oaxacan cheese and melt-in-your-mouth meat. The freshly made corn tortillas are some of the best corn tortillas in the country and make any of their tacos worth a try.

Taqueria Los Anaya

Carne Asada burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Julia L.

  1. La Azteca Tortilleria (East Los Angeles, CA)

With some of the best tortillas in the country, La Azteca Tortilleria is famous for its chile relleno burrito and chile relleno con carne asada burrito. The fresh tortillas, oozy cheese in combination with the texture and delicate sweetness of the roasted chile relleno make this burrito a force to be reckoned with. The unique flavor blend of the chile relleno con carne asada burrito may not be for everyone, but rest assured, there is a burrito for everyone at La Azteca Tortilleria, a family-run institution prided on friendliness and fresh, mouth-watering tortillas.


Chile relleno with carne asada. Photo credit: Yelp user Shaina L.

  1. El Castillito (Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, CA)

This hole-in-the-wall taqueria on Church St. is known for its quesadillas and super burritos. In all honesty, the quesadillas are preferred here and earned its spot on our list…but wait, this is a top burritos list, right? Well the Quesadilla Castillito here is really a griddled, cheesy burrito with a meat of your choice, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapeños. We recommend the carne asada or the chorizo, both of which boast meat flavor profiles that when combined with the sensational accompaniments and griddled tortillas will make your mouth water. El Castillito challenges (and frankly, upgrades) the classic mission burrito with a style all of its own.


“Quesadilla” Photo credit: Yelp user Pancham P.

  1. Taqueria Tlaxcali (Bronx, NY)

You know a taqueria is good when the Michelin Guide reviews it. I’ve lived in New York for 4 years and the only thing missing from the culinary wonder that is NYC was a great burrito spot (although there is no shortage of great Mexican places, my favorite of which is Casa Enrique). Taqueria Tlaxcali has now fixed that problem. Located high up in the Bronx, the journey to seek the savory, juicy carne asada burrito covered in a quartet of colorful creamy sauces (black bean sauce, avocado sauce, chipotle and sour cream) is well worth it. It is the seamless combination of these tastes that take this burrito to another level and gives it the title of best burrito in NYC.



Carne asada burrito. Photo credit: Yelp users Alina M. and Kevin H.

  1. Los Comparres (Tampa, FL)

Tampa? Oh yes, Tampa. Los Comparres is an unassuming taco truck in West Tampa that dishes up some of the most flavorful Mexican food in Florida. While they also serve some amazing shrimp, ceviche and campechana, their carne asada burrito is not to be missed. The fresh grilled, juicy carne asada complimented with melted queso really puts this burrito head and shoulders above its competitors. It’s definitely worth a visit and relatively close to the Tampa airport!


Carne asada burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Gregorio R.

  1. Carolinas Mexican Food (Phoenix, AZ)

Machaca is dried spiced beef or pork that is then pounded to make a tender meat. When done right it can be one of the most satisfying tastes you’ve tried. Carolina’s in Phoenix cooks their machaca to perfection. The red machaca burro comes on their famous handmade flour tortilla and you can see the staff in the back toss and stretch the masaas if it were a homemade pizza; you can even buy a dozen tortillas for yourself! While I prefer the handmade burritos at Little Pepper, Carolina’s red machaca is a flavor blast of moist, slightly fatty shredded meat that has the slightest kick to it. This burrito truly needs no sauce and comes with green chile and melted cheese. Don’t skip on their pure green chile burro. Phoenix, you have surprised me yet again.

Carolinas Mexican Food

Green chile burro. Photo credit: Yelp user John L.

  1. Lolita’s (Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA)

When it comes to consistency, Lolita’s is king. I’ve never had a bad, or even average, burrito from Lolita’s. The California burrito is the star here- a burrito that has carne asada that is consistently flavorful and made fresh as well as crispy skinny fries. The tortillas themselves are some of the best in San Diego. Top it off with some of their Verde Salsa and you have one of the best burritos in San Diego that is beyond delicious every time. Don’t skip out on the shrimp burrito, tsunami fries or “just” the carne asada fries. If you’re feeling ambitious/voracious try the 2 in 1 (carne asada burrito with 2 rolled tacos inside) or the tsunami burrito (surf and turf with cabbage, guac and jack cheese).


California burrito. Photo credit: Brittany T.

  1. Papalote (Mission District, San Francisco, CA)

It is alllllll about the sauce at this popular Mission District restaurant. While their menu boasts a variety of options from Soyrizo to Mole Tofu to the Triple Threat (a combination of carne asada, chicken and shrimp), the classic fire-roasted tomato creamy sauce exponentially enhances the burrito experience. In all honesty, this is an above average burrito without the sauce, but the creamy, tomato flavor of this salsa takes this burrito to number 13 in the country. Do not leave Papalote without buying a jar (or 7) for yourself to eat at home; the salsa goes with just about anything.



Must-try salsa and asada super burrito. Photo credit: Yelp users Sean S. and James S.

  1. Aztek Tacos (Temecula, CA)

An unexpected surprise in the heart of wine country is Aztek Tacos, a taqeuria serving up burritos with some of the juiciest carne asada in Southern California. There are a number of burritos to get here; the California burrito, Quesaburrito (choice of meat with crunchy cheese, onions, cilantro, guac), steak and shrimp burrito, shrimp and mushroom burrito or even a simple asada burrito. Whatever you get, it will be fresh, the asada (and even the al pastor) will likely be freshly grilled and the guac will be extraordinarily creamy. Although I’ve had some burritos with extraordinarily juicy carne asada (some of the best burritos I’ve ever had), I’ve also had average burritos where the carne asada was not as fresh and contained more gristle than one would like, therefore consistency brings this burrito down on our list.


California burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Crystal W.

  1. El Chato Taco Truck (Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA)

Is there anything more Angelino than buying tacos and burritos from a taco truck in the middle of the night and proceeding to eat it on your car? El Chato Taco Truck is open from 9pm – 3am (yes you read that right) and is a hotspot for college students, entrepreneurs and gas station workers alike. While the carne asada quesadilla (please get this) and carne asada, adobada, and pollo asada tacos are my favorite here, a burrito with any of these meats with the fresh salsa verde and all the “fixins” available at El Chato is certainly worth a top spot on our list. Their meats are fresh to order and the flavor blend of their spices will leave you satisfied. Also try their life-changing carne asada quesadilla. Go here after your meal at a fancy restaurant where the portions were far too small or not good enough and enjoy food that is a fraction of the price.


Al pastor burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Kevin T.

  1. Adobo Taco Grill (Lakewood, CA)

The star at Adabo Taco Grill is the vampiro (grilled corn taco toppen with fresh sour cream and fantastic guac), but what puts these tacos over the top is the meats; the carne asada, pollo asada, shrimp and al pastor. All these meats have their own individual appeal to them and when placed in a handmade tortilla with their famous guac (some of the creamiest in the country), onions and cilantro, it’s no question that the burrito at Adobo Taco Grill earns the number 12 spot. Don’t skip out on the vampiros and their extremely flavorful free beans (which also come in their burritos).

Al pastor quesadilla and pollo asada burrito. Photo credit: Yelp users Huy T. and Matt C.

  1. Tacos Chukis (Seattle, WA)

Yes, you read that right. Seattle has one of the nation’s top burritos (and tacos). Tacos Chukis is a small, unassuming taqueria located on the second floor of a small strip mall in the heart of Capital Hill. Their adobada baby burrito with grilled pineapple is one of the best combinations of sweet and savory flavor blasts in the country, but don’t skip on their carne asada. The beauty of a baby burrito is you try many of their different meats. Be sure to also get at least 5 tacos chukis (adobada pork with melted cheese, guacamole, grilled pineapple and a tortilla grilled to perfection).

Tacos Chukis

Adobada baby burrito

Honorable Mentions:

Before we divulge our top 10, here is a list of our honorable mentions in no particular order; those burritos that would’ve made a top 40, top 50 list:

Otra Dia Tacos (Beverly Hills, CA)

Taqueria Guadalajara (San Francisco, CA)

La Perlita (Palm Springs, CA)

El Pelon Taqueria (Boston, MA)

La Pasadita (Chicago, IL)

Chandos Tacos (Sacramento, CA)

Lolitas (New York, NY)

Dinosaur BBQ (ask if they still do a burrito, New York, NY)

Café Ollin (New York, NY)

Al & Beas’s (Los Angeles, CA)

Lupitas (New York, NY)

Taco Mix (New York, NY)

El Toro Bravo (Costa Mesa, CA)

Dos Toros (New York, NY)

Adolfo’s (San Clemente, CA)

Mi casa burrito (Manchester, UK)

The bistro (Stanford, CA)

Mission Cantina (NOW CLOSED, New York, NY)

  1. La Playa Taco Shop (Mission Beach, San Diego, CA)

Fresh ingredients come to mind when I think of La Playa Taco Shop. Nestled in Mission Beach, the California burrito at La Playa Taco Shop is up there with the best of them. This burrito comes out piping hot at a temperature that will continue to melt its cheese even after it’s served. The flavor blend of the perfectly cooked carne asada, the fries and the creamy guacamole at this authentic, familial taco shop will make you want to come back again and again. Their quesadillas and shrimp burritos are also worth a try. Cap off a long stressful day at the beach or Belmont Park with one of the most consistent California burritos San Diego has to offer.


California burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user K N.

  1. Zacatecas (Hawthorne, CA)

Located in the heart of Hawthorne, CA, Zacatecas is a small, genuinely family-friendly and family-run restaurant that will make you feel right at home. They have amazing wet burritos that are so juicy and flavorful without getting the tortilla soggy. You will need a knife and fork for this hunk of heaven. Tom’s Burrito, tender carne asada, beans, perfectly flavored guac, sour cream, onions and topped with Zacateca’s famous medium spicy green sauce with cheese both inside and on top of the burrito, is no doubt the star here. They have a multitude of other burritos with shredded pork or beef that are complimented fabulously with their famous green sauce. Be sure to also try their Camarones a la Diabla (shrimp sautéed in spicy red sauce), Campechana (shrimp, oysters and crab meat cocktail), ceviche or Governor taco (shrimp with bell pepper & melted jack cheese). After stuffing all this down, you must get their flan. I never thought of flan as a dessert that would cap off a meal to utter perfection, however the flan at Zacatecas (which is sometimes complimentary) is thick, creamy, caramel-laden and is the perfect coating for a great meal.


Tom’s burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Joanna L.

  1. El Farolito (Mission District, San Francisco, CA)

This hole-in-the-wall, cramped, cash-only taqueria in the heart of the mission district between 24th and 23rd street delivers consistently delicious and massive Super Mission-style burritos. Their carnitas and carne asada are crowd favorites here. Their refried beans, usually an ingredient that one wouldn’t consider a game-changer, are fresh and flavorful beyond belief. Their salsa verde and creamy avocado are the perfect accompaniments to round out their superb Super Burrito. Don’t let the lines shoe you away, they move fast and always remember, if there’s a long line…its for a good reason. Also try their Quesadillas Suiza which are griddled to perfection with the same flavorful meat you will soon know and love.

El Farolito

Carne Asada super burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Christina M.

  1. Lucha Libre (San Diego, CA)

Like many of our burritos on our list, Lucha Libre has been featured on countless TV shows. When I was dropped off at college at UC San Diego, I made sure to bring my family to Lucha Libre. Every time they visited “me” (I’m convinced they wanted more Lucha Libre) in San Diego, we would always eventually find ourselves at Lucha. Their Surfin’ California is one of the most unique flavor blends in the nation; tender grilled steak, savory grilled shrimp, French fries, pico de gallo, jack cheese, avocado slices and their secret chipotle sauce…I’m getting hungry just thinking about their amazing combination of flavors. They have a variety of other unique burritos, tacos, quesadillas, fries or even hotdogs (TJ dog and Baja Cali) but the Surfin California or the Surf and Turf burrito (Surfin California minus fries, plus rice) are my favorites. Whatever you decide to get, be absolutely certain to also get a heaping amount of the most amazing cilantro creamy salsa verde available at their salsa bar. Get three times as much as you think you’ll need, trust us. I have only visited the Washington Street location in Mission Hills, and there are various reviews that say the other locations are not as good. If Lucha Libre delivered consistently amazing burritos, they would likely be number 1 or 2, but once again consistency brings another restaurant down on our list…although not too far down.


Surfin’ California. Photo credit: Yelp user Kristopher L.

  1. Taqueria Cancun (Mission District, San Francisco, CA)

Taqueria Cancun between 19th and 18th street in the Mission District of San Francisco represents the popular Mission-style burrito well. This style of burrito is characterized by its large size, inclusion of extra rice (no fries or potatoes SoCal) and being wrapped in foil. Mission burritos are some of the best in the country and it’s no wonder they are appropriately represented on our list. Taqueria Cancun’s carne asada super burrito is one of the best burritos I’ve ever had. The perfectly seasoned carne asada, flavorful Mexican rice and ratio of appropriate accompaniments (guac, salsa, cheese, sour cream, beans, onions and cilantro) made me come back again and again. Unfortunately, consistency has been a problem for Taqueria Cancun “dropping” it to number 6 on our list.


Carne asada super burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Ann S.

  1. Cali Tacos (Orange, CA)

Orange County, the place I grew up for 18 years, is not well-represented on our list, however, Cali Tacos is one establishment that I couldn’t leave out. There is one burrito that stands out in my opinion and that is the monstrous Monarch burrito which comes with your choice of meat, BACON, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, rice, fries, chipotle and chipotle sauce. This may seem overwhelming, but the flavor profile of the Monarch with carne asada is astounding given the variety of accompaniments in it. It is made fresh once ordered. Furthermore, their chipotle sauce (which you can ask for an extra bottle of and should be squirted on every bite) is one of the best sauces I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Their California burrito is alright and the other burritos do not measure up to The Monarch. I can’t stress this enough, do not get anything other than The Monarch burrito and as with every place on our list, eat it there/fresh (not to go or delivered).

The Monarch

  1. Lupe’s Mexican Eatery (Dana Point, CA)

Lupe’s has locations in Huntington Beach and San Diego, but there is something extremely special about their Dana Point location. Perhaps it’s the friendly atmosphere, perhaps it’s the great beer, or perhaps (and most certainly) it’s the quality of their signature burritos. The California burrito is my favorite, although they have quite a variety of other delicious burritos on offer such as the Surfin Cali, Surf n Turf, Smoked Tuna, Mushrimp, Lupes (steak AND bacon), Oceanside (smoked tuna, shrimp and octopus) or Spicy Shrimp. The California burrito comes out piping hot with carne asada that has virtually no gristle to it, extraordinarily crispy fries, melted cheese to perfection, guac that brings it all together and a brilliantly soft tortilla. Be sure to ask for a side of their chipotle sauce which only further enhances this gem. Lack of consistency is what pushed it back to number three, but even on their “off” days, they’re still on. They have also recently remodeled to include a full-service bar to enhance your burrito-eating experience!

Surfin’ Cali, Oceanside

  1. The Taco Stand (La Jolla and Encinitas, CA)

The Taco Stand is the quintessential San Diego taqueria; no frills, delicious salsas and some of the freshest, best California and surf and turf burritos in the nation…and San Diegans know it, as evidenced by the usually long lines far out the door at lunch or dinner time. Their creamy, flavorsome chipotle sauce is the perfect topping for every bite of any burrito. The Taco Stand serves up some of the juiciest carne asada and freshest shrimp in the nation. The Taco Stand truly is a La Jolla (and now Encinitas!) gem and a place many San Diegans claim to be the best burrito in the city. Their burritos come out piping hot and their sauces are some of the best in the nation. Don’t skip out on the carne asada fries (and be sure to lather on more of that chipotle sauce) or honestly any of their seafood tacos or burritos. There is now a location in Encinitas that is every bit as good (dare I say better) than the La Jolla location.

The Taco Stand.jpg

California burrito. Photo credit: Yelp user Erica S.

  1. La Taqueria (Mission District, San Francisco, CA)

Another Mission-Style burrito?! Yes. As San Franciscans can attest to, you can never have enough Mission-Style burritos. La Taqueria has a super burrito that has the best flavor combination of freshly cooked meats with the most terrific accompaniments; the melted cheese, sour cream and creamy avocado come together to create a bite-by-bite experience that truly is unparalleled. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a flavor profile quite as perfect. Be sure to get it dorado style (pressed on the griddle to yield a perfectly crispy, buttery tortilla) for the absolute best burrito experience. The lines are usually long, but while you wait you can watch the spectacle that is the amazing staff efficiently cooking and creating these classics right in front of you. La Taqueria is a fairly consistent taqueria, if you don’t have a burrito that is absolutely life-changing, I’m willing to bet that it was at the very least great.


Carnitas super burrito, dorado style

  1. La Perla Cocina (Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA)

La Perla’s California burrito has it ALL. Fresh tortillas made in the back minutes after you order, savory and flavorful carne asada, fresh/crispy fries, creamy guac, melted cheese, delicious salsa rojo and verde AND consistency. I have yet to have a burrito from La Perla’s that is not fantastic or left me feeling satiated beyond belief. The fact that the burritos are made fresh to order, come out piping hot, the true freshness of their ingredients along with the absolute perfection that is the flavor blend and profile of their California burrito make La Perla unbeatable. The high-quality carne asada has no gristle on it, the fries are always crisped to perfection, the cheese is melted to a point that it serves as glue to combine the meat and the salsa verde is the perfect topper for this culinary masterpiece. The proportions are perfect, all the ingredients are outstanding as stand-alones and everything is mixed together just right which means you’ll never have those all fries or all meat bites we all despise. Also try the Oaxacalifornia burrito (California burrito wrapped in a Oaxacan cheese Quesadilla) and King Kong burrito (your choice of meat, usually carne asada, with chile relleno). Did I mention it is just steps from the beach in Pacific Beach in San Diego? Emerald street dead-ends at the start of the Pacific Beach boardwalk, so after putting down this burrito majesty, go for a stroll, scooter ride or simply lay in the hot sand of one of San Diego’s most popular beaches. This family-run, friendly taqueria truly has it all, and that is why it is ranked number 1 on our list.


California burrito. Photo credit: Yelp users: Linh V., Margaret A. and Elliesa B.